AST 1996 - Sacred Medicine Palace, Greed, Kidnapped

Chapter 1996 - Sacred Medicine Palace, Greed, Kidnapped

The others also understood. It was just that they didn’t know why the old man seemed to think very highly of the young man. 

“Father, Do you think it’s necessary for us to protect the Imperial Cuisine Hall?” Zhang Danfeng asked the old man from before. 

“Yes, but don’t come out unless the situation is urgent.”

Zhang Dianfeng nodded after listening to what the old man had said. He understood that if he stepped in even for minor problems, it would seem like he was returning his debts. If instead, he only interrupted when they were in dangerous situations, it would have the best effect. 

Meanwhile, situated on the top of a mountain in Great Shang City, this place was exploited by men. There were a lot of manors here and the environment was also really great. The air was refreshing. This place was the headquarter for the Sacred Medicine Palace.

“You have mentioned that the Imperial Cuisine Hall had the cure to Zhang Miaoyun’s problem. Is that true?”

The person speaking was an old man. He was dressed in a plain gown and had thick brows and bright...

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