AST 1995 - Treatment, the true Buddha Light Treasure Qi

Chapter 1995 - Treatment, the true Buddha Light Treasure Qi

Zhang Miaoyun was a handsome and straightforward man. He could already be considered an adult, a matured adult. If it had been in his previous incarnation, he would have had the looks of a person ranging around 35 years old. However, the people here usually looked younger than their actual ages. Added on that he was once a cultivator, the functions across his body would still be very active. This explained why he could look so young.

However, with his cultivation gone, his body naturally no longer had the formidable Origin Qi to nurture it. It shouldn’t take long before his body started to grow old. Recently, Qing Ci had been learning Acupuncture but for now, she was still far away from being able to treat a patient. Hence, she thought for a while and said, “Please wait for a while. I will get my master to come and see you.”

Zhang Miaoyun nodded, “Thank you.”

When Qing Shui heard from Qing Ci that a man with an empty Dantian and snapped meridians came, he stood up and said casually, “Let’s go and take a look at him. I can also use this opportunity to demonstrate to you how...

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