AST 1994 - The former genius of Zhang Clan

Chapter 1994 - The former genius of Zhang Clan

Qing Shui noticed the surprised faces which the others had when looking at these group of people. He then smiled and said, “If you guys cultivate hard, it won’t be long until you surpass them. This is as far as they could achieve in their lifetime, unless they run into some sort of heaven-defying pills.” 

The others weren’t completely ignorant of what was going on. Hence, they nodded. Once again, their eyes were filled with unswerving determinations.

“Big brother, you must work hard to bring them up. This is going to be our first batch of military strength in the future.” Qing Shui said with confidence. 

The Barbarian Emperor’s eyes shone. He noticed that Qing Shui had said ‘our’ instead of saying ‘mine’. Deep down, he felt a sense of comfort and relief. Though his life might be given by him, Qing Shui didn’t demand anything in return.

“Rest assured. This will not be a problem.” It seemed the Barbarian Emperor was feeling a bit excited at the moment. He couldn’t...

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