AST 1990 - Qing Shui’s attack. Killing

Chapter 1990 - Qing Shui’s attack. Killing

If Clan Head Lang had known about the thoughts which this woman was assuming, would he have thrown out blood? Indeed, he liked Qing Ci. It was true that he had also thought about doing it as well. However, what he had cared even more about was his position as the clan’s head. He had hoped that Lang Clan could be even more powerful. By then, no forces would be significant enough to influence him. Until then, he would naturally be able to get Qing Ci to return to his side. 

It was perfectly normal for men to have this kind of thought in this world. The only thing which they sought was power. Power spoke for everything in this world. He was also right to think like that as this was what the majority of women would do. However, they seemed to have also neglected the minority of them. For example, women like Qing Ci. Even if Clan Head Lang were to become a peak expert in the future, it would still...

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