AST 1986 - The mysterious Yin-Yang Finger

Chapter 1986 - The mysterious Yin-Yang Finger

Qing Shui also wasn’t sure how he ended taking this disciple. Back then when the Thirteenth Prince became his disciple, Xia Clan’s Patriarch gave him the Immortal Dao Divine Origin as a gift for doing so. But unlike last time, this time, he got nothing in return. Instead, the only thing which he got was trouble for himself. Nevertheless, he didn’t regret it even one bit since he was doing it out of his own will.

“Thank you, master!”

After going through the master-disciple-ceremony which included pouring the tea and kowtowing to Qing Shui, Qing Ci was officially under Qing Shui’s wings. However, Qing Shui didn’t announce it to the public. There was no need for him to publicize things like these. He supported Qing Ci up and looked at the woman with a miserable life. He then took out a few small bottles and gave it to her, “Let me bring you to a place to help you stabilize your strength.”

He immediately passed the Imperial Cuisine Hall to Lang Ya before taking Qing Ci to the backyard. Impurities Cleansing, Constitution Nurturing, Gold Needle Acupuncture. Qing Shui did...

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