AST 1981 - A Quiet Opening, Only One Customer

Chapter 1981 - A Quiet Opening, Only One Customer

Qing Shui noticed Lang Ci’s difficulty, but a man had to make his choices. One had to offer something to gain rewards and must be responsible for his own choices. Qing Shui smiled at Lang Ci, he would never act against Lang Ci regardless of his choice unless Lang Ci acted against him first.

Seeing Qing Shui’s confident smile, he had a strange feeling that there was nothing this man could not do. It was as if the Shang Clan and the Lang Clan could not stop Qing Shui. He had the feeling that if he followed Qing Shui, he would have a brighter future.

He didn’t know what to do. He would be beaten to death if he did not choose between the Shang Clan and Lang Clan. Yet, if he chose one and went against...

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