AST 1980 - Lady Lang? A Local Tyrant

Chapter 1980 - Lady Lang? A Local Tyrant

The woman did not expect Qing Shui to help her. She only told Qing Shui her condition since she already troubled Qing Shui. Therefore, it was just a reckless act out of hopelessness.

She just let it all out as a way of relief. After all, she never mentioned it to anyone, as a woman in despair she didn’t even bother about it anymore.

Qing Shui realized that she was a cultivator after listening to her, but he did not know how powerful she was. Qing Shui asked after thinking, “What level is your previous cultivation?”

The woman did not expect Qing Shui’s question. Still, she replied, “I was previously at the Peak False God level, but I practiced the Yin-Yang Finger. It is an evil technique. Even...

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