AST 1978 - Jade Fragrant Restaurant, Beautiful Owner, Herbs

Chapter 1978 - Jade Fragrant Restaurant, Beautiful Owner, Herbs

Jade Fragrant Restaurant was also on Yushang Street. It was only less than 300 meters away from Qing Shui’s location. It was a dining restaurant, but it was much bigger than the Imperial Cuisine Hall Qing Shui was currently managing. Still, it was relatively smaller than the shops around it.

“Senior, though this Jade Fragrant Restaurant is not very big, it is very popular. Jade Fragrant Restaurant has the best wine in the whole Northern Ice Domain. The food and beverages here can't be traded with money. One must own the jade charm in order to enter.”

At the entrance, Lang Ci took the jade charm out and showed the guard standing at the entrance to Jade Fragrant Restaurant. Then, he led Qing Shui into the restaurant....

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