AST 1975 - I Already Have a Wife Qing Shui’s Plan

AST 1975 - I Already Have a Wife… Qing Shui’s Plan

Only after actually saying it out loud did Qing Shui realize that it sounded wrong. However, as a doctor, there was no gender discrimination against patients.

Beiming Xue was in a struggle. She had this problem for ages and it was not resolved after seeing several female doctors. Initially, she believed that it would be cured easily. As the day went by, she gave up on treating it. She was surprised that self-healing was not applicable to this illness. At her current strength, she was not supposed to have such a minor illness like this.

She wondered if she should ask Qing Shui to treat her. More importantly, she wondered if Qing Shui could cure it.

“The root cause of your symptoms is the body constitution. It will be healed eventually with or without treatment.”...

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