AST 1970 - The Vampiric Empress, the Sacred Demoness Qing Xuan

AST 1970 - The Vampiric Empress, the Sacred Demoness Qing Xuan

Sacred Mountain!

After a few days, Qing Shui arrived at the Sacred Mountain. There was no need to deny that this place was very comfortable. Its Spiritual Qi was so abundant compared to many places. It was said that the Spiritual Qi here originated from the Sacred Ocean.

It had been a few years since he last visited this place.

Qing Shui felt very weird. He personally had a deep impression of Sheng Jun. In fact, it couldn’t be forgotten by the time. The feeling was so strong and deep down, even he felt like meeting her. Certainly, this came from the fact that they were friends. He never really harbored any intentions more than that.

Qing Shui proceeded his way towards the peak of Sacred Mountain which he was familiar with. After being stopped by some people, he was informed that Sheng Jun wasn’t on Sacred Mountain.

Since she wasn’t around, Qing Shui stopped going up and immediately flew in the direction of Vampiric Demoness Hills

As soon as he entered the Vampiric Demoness Hills, the first thing he ran into were two Vampiric Demonesses....

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