AST 1969 - Yiye Jiange flirted

Chapter 1969 - Yiye Jiange flirted

Qing Shui was stunned. The increase in strength wasn’t the one that surprised him. After all, this effect was somehow normal with the Opportunity Pills. Quite a few people from the Qing Clan also managed to boost their strength with the help of the Opportunity Pills. However, it was out of his expectations that the Five Elements Divine Flag reached its eighth grade.

Qing Shui had even forgotten its grade prior to this. This time, it should have broken through at least 2 grades. Also, after the upgrade, instead of eight, ten checkpoints could now be set in the map of the Five Elements Divine Flag.

As Qing Shui was speaking, he entered the Five Elemental Space and looked at the map of the Nine Continents. As usual, there was still no edges in the map. Towards the edge, the areas became very fuzzy. However, with Qing Shui at his current state, he was able to tell how vast the areas were. There were also the Nine Continents Star Ocean Domain, it was at one of the edges that looked very blurry. Together with Haohan Continent, they were like two enormous dragons that were...

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