AST 1965 - Zheng Clan’s arch enemy is here!

Chapter 1965 - Zheng Clan’s arch enemy is here!

This time, the marriage between Qing Bei and Zheng Xuan had finally been established. Furthermore, the time when they would get married was set to be this month. There was still half a month to go. Both Qing Bei and Zheng Xuan were not young anymore, it was about time to get married to each other. Other than that, it was also because Qing Shui was home. He was one of the factors which shouldn’t be looked over.

Qing Clan had been quiet all along around here, yet they were even more powerful than the Zheng Clan. Especially after Qing Shui came back, even now, Qing Clan’s strength was enough to be compared to an Immortal Palace. However, it could only be compared to the immortal palaces at the lowest level.

With the help from the Heavenly Fate Vicious Treasure Pagoda, Qing Shui also became even more powerful. However, with his current strength, he was yet to reach the late stage of the seventh level of Divinity. Or alternatively, due to the Nine Continents Mountain,...

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