AST 1956 - The Demon King's Blood Isn't Scary

Chapter 1956 - The Demon King's Blood Isn't Scary

Qing Shui's words exploded next to his ear, just like an explosion. He was the Zheng Clan's pride, someone who had achieved great things. When he first got the White-Haired Silver Demon King Inheritance, he had a faint feeling about this. It was because he had looked into some information regarding the Demon King Inheritance.

This disorientation would be losing one's character. It wasn't just a groggy state but was a change of one's nature. When that was to happen, he would feel that it was very normal to kill the innocent and to deploy vicious means. It was because that would be his nature, his character. This was also how dominating the Demon King Inheritance was like. It wasn't moving another soul into the body, but to let the inheritor's character be slowly demonized.

There was both kindness and evil in human nature. Just a single thought could make one commit either an...

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