AST 1954 - Apple of One's Eye, Little Gold Changes Owner

Chapter 1954 - Apple of One's Eye, Little Gold Changes Owner

Another thing was that Qing Zun and the others had already reached the latter phase of Martial Emperor and their power was growing steadily. Most importantly, Qing Ming had already reached Peak Martial Emperor and his battle strength was also the strongest. He was a natural assassin, a god among assassins, a sovereign of the darkness.

Qing Shui still didn't know where Qing Ming's Underworld King Physique came from. Looking at how Qing Ming was smiling right now, Qing Shui knew that although he appeared like this at home, he would show a totally different side in battles.

The skills that Qing Yin learned were all over the place. She knew a lot of things, was proficient in the Nine Palace Steps, Taichi, and music. Qing Shui had guided her on her path, and the things he could help her in, was to provide her with some medicinal pills and to increase her abilities slightly periodically. If she wanted to excel in something, she would...

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