AST 1949 - Qing Hanye was Pregnant!

Chapter 1949 - Qing Hanye was Pregnant!

The Divine Tribulation was finally here! 

Qing Shui knitted his brows. But very soon, he calmed down knowing that it shouldn’t be a problem for Yiye Jiange to make it through her Seventh Divine Grade Tribulation.

Yiye Jiange stood there as she looked at the continuously flashing thunders in the sky. She then turned around and gave Qing Shui a look that signaled him not to worry about her.

Qing Shui nodded and moved back a few steps.

After a while, the first thunder finally struck. It was a very thin lightning. The snow-white electricity immediately intruded Yiye Jiange’s body and was absorbed completely by her. The first few lightning were very prominent as they were the benefits given to those who had attempted their tribulations.

Yiye Jiange was traveling back and forth at the center of these flashes of lightning as she continuously took in them. Her body was also constantly being strengthened alongside her bones and blood. All of these boosts in strength were visible to the naked eyes.

This was also why warriors tended to look forward, but at the same time,...

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