AST 1945 - Battling The Old Monster Starry

Chapter 1945 - Battling The Old Monster Starry

Qing Shui observed this old man who was called the Old Monster Starry. The old man looked very thin and his back was a little hunched as well. He wore a standard looking robe. It was gray and didn't stand out. Even though the old man was already standing on the Sacred Royal Stage, Qing Shui still felt that the old man was just an ordinary old man. 

The Starry Immortal Palace was an existence that was on par with the Great Confucian Empire, the Canglan Empire, and the Moonwolf Empire. The Great Confucian Empire was located on the extreme West while the other three influences were located in the other three directions from the Great Confucian Empire.

The Starry Immortal Palace was located in the north and was the most mysterious faction of them all. It also faintly seemed to be the strongest of them all.

"Young man, how about joining our Starry Immortal Palace? You can state any conditions...

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