AST 1944 - Powerful Consecutive Moves, Starry Immortal Palace

Chapter 1944 - Powerful Consecutive Moves, Starry Immortal Palace

The power of the Tyrant Lord was great, pure, and he was also very agile. This was what he excelled in. He had thought that Qing Shui would at least be hurt from this attack. He hadn't expected that Qing Shui would only retreat a few steps with his vital energy and blood intact with no major damages.

Qing Shui circulated his powers to the peak. Without any weapons, his strength was inferior to the old man he was up against. However, when one was around his level, strength was something which didn't matter much. Even with that said, men still enjoyed having powerful strength. It gave them a greater sense of satisfaction, being able to suppress and defeat their opponents with absolute violence.

"Bring out your weapon. My weapon is this pair of gloves." Tyrant Lord did not intent on attacking immediately and said to Qing Shui.

"Don't worry, I am not that arrogant. I'll bring...

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