AST 1942 - Youth Wasted Without Acting Pompous

Chapter 1942 - Youth Wasted Without Acting Pompous

“Oldie Xia, you brought this young brother so high up that I want to try my luck up there,” A deep and sincere voice was suddenly heard.

Qing Shui followed the voice and saw a wild old man. Qing Shui knew who he was, the strong warrior of the Moonwolf Empire. It was as powerful as the Great Confucian Empire and seemed to be even greater now.

They came out, now everyone wanted a piece of the Great Confucian Empire.

The Old Ancestor laughed, “Sha Langfeng, think wisely, you are a man of honor. Yet, the title doesn’t count today, it would be shameful if you lose.”

“A warrior needs to be prepared to get defeated, it is fine to lose. Failure is not fearful; a failure can probably lead to a...

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