AST 1941 - Qing Shui Stood at The Heart of Storms

Chapter 1941 - Qing Shui Stood at The Heart of Storms

Though Qing Shui was young, he was experienced in battles. With his Heavenly Vision Technique, he could definitely strike his enemy continuously and easily. He could do it without any special move.

First, he had to beat the target while having a stronger force. Besides, he had to keep the strikes going before the target tried to stand firm. Next, he had to interrupt the target’s Origin Qi and keep it below the target’s optimal performance level. The target would be like one who lost balance and could not exert any force despite not falling down.

Qing Shui could have achieved that without the Heavenly Vision Technique as well, but he would never make it look so effortlessly. After all, the Fox-Wolf Immortal Master was almost as strong as...

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