AST 1939 - One Move, Heavenly Vision Technique

Chapter 1939 - One Move, Heavenly Vision Technique

Elder Sikong’s face flushed red. No one ever dared to treat him this way despite being scolded before. Moreover, the crowds were huge and influential here. Therefore, the old guy was extremely offended and pointed at Qing Shui, he was at loss for words.

At that moment, a middle-aged man stood up beside Elder Sikong and proclaimed, “Dad, why bother with a wimpy kid like him, let me give him a lesson on behalf of you.”

The man was Sikong Fan, the youngest son of Elder Sikong. He was also the most successful and talented one. He was also expected to be the one who could go the furthest in the Sikong Clan’s history. This was a man with various titles and nobility, an almost legendary man.

Sikong Fan started practicing sword...

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