AST 1938 - Wimpy Kid As A Teacher?

Chapter 1938 - Wimpy Kid As A Teacher?

Qing Shui would not be overjoyed for the title of “State Master” since it was troublesome. At present, Qing Shui would only help the Great Confucian Empire, when he is needed. Needless to say, the Great Confucian Empire might be helpful in the future too. Besides, the Thirteenth Prince was the Battle God Inheritor, it was not to be neglected. Furthermore, the Old Ancestor of the Great Confucian Empire gave him a magnificent present and he successfully refined the Immortal Dao Divine Origin. Regardless of what it might take, he had to fulfill his promise.

The morning sunlight shone onto the Sacred Emperor City. It was the Emperor City of the Great Confucian Empire, it was indeed not as gloomy as the Linhai City. Any martial artists could feel the ample spiritual sense...

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