AST 1930 - Imperial Household’s Patriarch, the plot of the old fox

Chapter 1930 - Imperial Household’s Patriarch, The Plot of The Old Fox

“Tianlong, tell me. Who among our Xia Clan would give hope to the empire if he rules it?

Tianlong seemed to find it quite normal, it seemed like he already expected the old man to ask him this question. Nevertheless, he still hesitated for a while before he replied, “The thirteenth Prince!”

The old man stunned and laughed immediately, “Crown Price Zhang Yang, he lacks the toughness that an emperor requires. On the other hand, the youngest one seemed like he is bound to achieve great things. Unfortunately, even he can only be considered to be clever in trivial matters, which leave only the thirteenth Prince. Though he does seem to have yet to achieve anything, he looks like he might bear the destiny of an emperor. He can be considered to be the one who hides himself the most. Even I, as the Patriarch, almost got deceived by him.”

“Tianlong, about the young man from the Imperial Cuisine Hall, must he stay alive?” The old man asked...

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