AST 1928 - Great Confucian Order, Guardian Immortal Confucian?

Chapter 1928 - Great Confucian Order, Guardian Immortal Confucian?

“Young man, do you know that a doctor who saves lives can get himself killed too.”

Qing Shui smirked at the Little Prince’s words, the smile was natural. He stared at the Little Prince and said, “Little Prince, you are threatening me.”

The Little Prince looked upset after listening to Qing Shui’s reply. In his mind, he whispered, ‘Threaten you? Do you deserve to be threatened by me?’ However, he kept it in his heart and looked at Qing Shui, “I was making a statement, you are an outstanding young man, I don’t want to watch you walking to a point of no return.”

“In this life, especially for a warrior, life and death should not be taken too seriously. One must be prepared for the possible consequences to be in the world of warriors. I enjoy the...

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