AST 1927 - Only Treatment, No Connection

Chapter 1927 - Only Treatment, No Connection

Qing Shui had a sensitive spiritual sense. Thus, he could distinctly feel the slightest greed in the Little Prince’s expression. It was subtle yet very intense. This further strengthened Qing Shui’s feeling, but he appeared calm and easy while leading Little Prince and Cheng Yuan to the living room.

The women did not enter, three of them took the host and the guest seats respectively. Qing Shui did not invite him to sit on the Chief seat, but it was not because Qing Shui doubted the Little Prince’s self-control. After all, he would be telling the Little Prince that it was fine to mess with his woman under the current situation. It was rare for someone to be able to hold back in this context.

In this case, the Little Prince had raging testosterone...

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