AST 1926 - Women Are Trouble

Chapter 1926 - Women Are Trouble

“Cheng Yuan, let teacher take care of this. We will make the Imperial Cuisine Hall vanish!” said the Little Prince slowly after a long ponder.

After finishing his sentence, the Little Prince frowned tightly. He did not place Qing Shui at a supreme position, perhaps the current Qing Shui had yet to achieve that level. Even though a doctor could be good in the Art of Healing, the Little Prince had not met Qing Shui before, little did he know about the level of his Art of Healing.

With his identity, the Little Prince certainly met many skilled doctors before and even surrounded by some of them. Now that Qing Shui posed a threat to his foundation, he had to make such a decision.

He was an ambitious person who was determined to take over the Great Confucian Empire....

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