AST 1925 - Make The Imperial Cuisine Hall Vanish??

Chapter 1925 - Make The Imperial Cuisine Hall Vanish?

Seeing that Qing Shui had not spoken for some time, there was no change in the Second Young Master Hua’s face. Even the Barbarian Emperor seemed to be calming down. The remaining three old men appeared as calm as they were in the beginning.

After a few minutes, Qing Shui withdrew his hands slowly.

“Mr. Qing, how is it?” Second Young Master Hua spoke.

Qing Shui was curious about the Second Young Master Hua’s identity since he was the one who started talking here. He seemed to be close to the Barbarian Emperor, but their exact relationship was unknown.

Qing Shui did not answer immediately and looked at the Barbarian Emperor.

At that moment, Barbarian Emperor smiled, “Never mind, I know it's hard to cure, or else I would have recovered much earlier....

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