AST 1923 - The Barbarian Emperor requesting for a treatment?

AST 1923 - The Barbarian Emperor Requesting for A Treatment?

Imperial Physician, a miraculous physician?

Qing Shui had forgotten about his own ability. Or rather, because of the strength which he possessed for these past decades, he was able to live a rather steady life. Hence, there were actually very few occasions when he would actually need to make use of his medical expertise, except when it was for the people closest to him. However, even for them, he would only help by providing them with medicinal pills at most.

As for the Imperial Cuisine Hall, Qing Shui was no longer involved in the things related to it. Strictly speaking, the Imperial Cuisine Hall located in the Linhai City could already be considered as Tian Yi’s and Yu Niang’s possession. It could count as a present given to Yu Niang by Qing Shui. Back then, it was precisely this harmonious feeling from Yu Niang, which enabled Qing Shui to have a calm mind. During that time, Qing Shui had also managed to gain a lot of benefits from it.

Tian Yi’s medical expertise was well-known across the Linhai City, so much...

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