AST 1922 - Direction, Imperial Physician, Miraculous Physician

Chapter 1922 - Direction, Imperial Physician, Miraculous Physician

“That’s hard to say. For all you know, I might truly join a certain sect one day.” Qing Shui smiled and said while looking at Lin Zhennan.

“That’s true. But Brother Qing, I know a thing or two about reading someone’s faces. If one day, you truly joined a certain group, I am sure that it will be something related to women. Not just any ordinary women, but your own women.” Lin Zhennan said in a mischievous way.

“Brother Lin, would you mind coming into the Imperial Cuisine Hall to enjoy some tea with me?” Qing Shui invited Lin Zhennan over, after seeing that he was quite optimistic. Certainly, it also wasn’t just because of this. Having one more friend would mean having another alternative route in the future, let alone he was a member of the Lin Clan. Since Qing Shui hadn’t planned on joining any sides for the time being, he should make sure that at least he didn’t make enemies with them.

When a person was in strong demand by many groups, by not making friends with them would mean in an alternate way, that he had actually...

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