AST 1921 - Lin Clan, Lin Zhennan

Chapter 1921 - Lin Clan, Lin Zhennan

“Big brother, why are we doing that?” Dongfang Zhiqiu said in a depressed tone. Her eyes were firmly fixed on Qing Shui as his figure disappeared into the huge door of the Imperial Cuisine Hall.

The man’s heart moved as he looked at Dongfang Zhiqiu. It seemed that his arrogant sister might have found someone she liked. This young man seemed to be not that simple. He was the first person who his own sister was looking up to... He then turned around and smiled. How could a person, who was capable of killing a Grand State Master from the Great Confucian Empire, be simple?

“Do you hate your brother for being unreasonable and unfriendly? And that I only care about myself when the danger comes?” The man smiled and looked at Dongfang Zhiqiu.

“I know you have your own reasons for that. However, not letting me stay behind would cause a knot to be forever tied up in my heart.” Dongfang Zhiqiu said without turning her head.

“You like him?” The man smiled and asked.


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