AST 1920 - Eldest Brother of Dongfang Zhiqiu, Reality?

Chapter 1920 - Eldest Brother of Dongfang Zhiqiu, Reality?

Qing Shui regained some confidence and worried less about the matter. He kept himself occupied by refining medicine and carrying out bizarre experiments. He also instructed in others’ training, improved their constitutions and strengthened their foundations with his Art of Healing and other abilities.

One day, as the sun was well up, a big group of people came. They were dressed uniquely, apparently from the same place. Their shirt was silver-colored with a hand-sized checkerboard on its lower left corner. It was finely decorated with some chess pieces on top. Some of them had similar checkerboards, with a different number of black and white chessmen.

Heavenly Chess Immortal Palace!

Needless to say, the Heavenly Chess Immortal Palace was here....

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