AST 1913 - What Will Come Would Eventually Come

Chapter 1913 - What Will Come Would Eventually Come

Unconsciously, three days had passed. It was peaceful during this period of time, which surprised Qing Shui quite a bit. Even though the news of the Grand State Master’s death would not travel to the Great Confucian Empire that quickly, it wouldn’t take more than three days for the news to spread to their ears―that was if the other party had not taken any action yet.

However, Qing Shui did not believe that they would not take action in regards to the current incident. The more likely situation was that they hadn’t taken any action yet. Perhaps the Great Confucian Empire wasn't that affected by the loss of one Grand State Master. Despite that, dignity was extremely important to the Great Confucian Empire. Furthermore, they still had the Five Poison Immortal Palace despite the death of the Grand State Master.

Within these three days, Qing Shui would cultivate whenever he had nothing to do. He did not have to familiarize himself with this sort of power after going...

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