AST 1912 - Qing Shui’s satisfaction

Chapter 1912 - Qing Shui’s satisfaction

Tantai Lingyan pouted, and didn’t dare look at Qing Shui while her two hands grasped Qing Shui’s own. Because Qing Shui’s hands had already reached into the folds of her clothes, and one was already placed on the part of her breast that stuck out.

Qing Shui was a little absent minded before, and only just realized what he was doing, in addition he pushed a little unconsciously, and in that moment her tenderness made him almost call out coolly, at the same time making Tantai Lingyan shudder a little with a : “Don’t move!”

Qing Shui was a little scared for a moment, and thought of a phrase that he had said often in his previous life, and a smile unconsciously spread across his face. However, he felt that Tantai Lingyan was not resisting because she didn’t throw his arm back immediately, which was something that was very...

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