AST 1911 - Kissing Tantai Lingyan

Chapter 1911 - Kissing Tantai Lingyan

After hearing Tantai Lingyan’s words Qing Shui smiled: “The situation with The Great Confucian Dynasty is already like this, there’s not much we can do, might as well do some things for pleasure.”

Qing Shui said that playfully, along with that exaggerated tone, anyone could have guessed what he meant. Of course Tantai Lingyan knew, and looked weirdly at him: “What things for pleasure?”

Although she wasn’t as cold now, her look in addition to her aura made Qing Shui a little uneasy. This was even under the strength boost that he had, making him feel very weird that Tantai Lingyan’s presence was so strong.

Although she wasn’t as strong as Qinghan Ye, her strength after...

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