AST 1909 - Taichi, Divine Calamity

Chapter 1909 - Taichi, Divine Calamity

It took a while before Qinghan Ye could put her clothes on, as she looked happily at Qing Shui. While she was putting them on, Qing Shui rubbed his hands all over her, although they had already done it, He couldn’t stop himself. This was where her outstanding sexiness was, and why a life would be shortened by ten years after meeting a beautiful woman.

The sky lit up, and Qinghan Ye went back into her room after dressing. All in all she had only had her nightgown on when she came back. Now, the outside was very quiet. If she waited until everyone was awake she wouldn’t know how to get back into her own room.

Qing Shui only let her go after kissing her a bunch. Their lips and teeth were like sweetness,...

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