AST 1908 - Extreme Increases, Horrifying Strength

Chapter 1908 - Extreme Increases, Horrifying Strength

At this time, Qing Hanye seemed to forget how embarrassed she was. Just as she saw the two of them tangled together, her face turned red, but the inner energy between the two of them continuously surged, circling, and growing in each other.

But the situation this time was a little out of control. The Nine Yang and Nine Yin energy was circling on its own, so after a while Qing Shui was a little restless and saw the woman under him, charming as water, lightly move.


When Qing Shui moved Qinghan Ye felt it and made a sound that made her blush, Qing Shui lowered his head to kiss her, kiss her red lips and suck in her infatuating body ...

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