AST 1906 - Preparations, Swaying Beauty

Chapter 1906 - Preparations, Swaying Beauty

No matter how they killed the Great State Master, the situation would still improve. It was a better alternative to being killed by him. Qing Shui and everyone made the food personally after returning to the Imperial Cuisine Hall, he wanted everyone to have a good meal and also eat more. After all, no one could be sure that they were out of trouble.

The woman had stood along with the rest of the people, she wanted to go to the Heavenly Chess Immortal Palace to ask for help,. Unfortunately, that would take too long and she wasn’t sure whether they would arrive in time.

There was one other thing. After the Poison Dragon King had eaten the Ancient Demonic Fruit and the Fortune Golden Pellet, his strength increased a lot. Before this happened, he was already the strongest out of the group and now he was even stronger with his 40 million Dao Force. It must be known that if the strength didn’t improve much at the early stage, it would be even harder for it to improve in the future.

Another thing that needs to be mentioned was that the Poison Dragon...

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