AST 1904 - Enticing the Poison Dragon King

Chapter 1904 - Enticing the Poison Dragon King

The lady hadn't expected to be able to thrust the sword into the Grand State Master's body just like that. To be exact, it was the Grand State Master who had come smashing into her sword. Very soon, she saw that the Grand State Master was in a state that was worse than death.

Qing Shui knew well that the Grand State Master's life had reached its brink. If he wanted to save the Grand State Master, he could do so, but why would he want to? Only then did Qing Shui turn his gaze onto the Poison Dragon King. Demonic beasts would regain their freedom once again after the death of their owners.

Right now, Qing Shui didn't have the plans to kill the Poison Dragon King. Instead, he planned on taming it. It was too much of a pity to kill a powerful demonic beast like this. He would be able to get his hands on a lot of venomous substances after killing it, which could then be used to refine many poisonous medicines. However, an act like this would be the equivalent to...

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