AST 1901 - Poison Dragon King, Sticky Problem

Chapter 1901 - Poison Dragon King, Sticky Problem

Boom boom boom!

The Nine Continents Mountain went smashing over with an overwhelming force. Its speed was even more terrifying than Qing Shui's as it was several times faster than him. Therefore, even the Grand State Master was unable to dodge it. 

From the beginning, after getting his hands on this small amazing mountain, Qing Shui knew that it would be a small divine artifact. And after the Nine Continents Mountain's realm was increased, its prowess was really amazing. Most importantly, it was connected to the owner's abilities.

There was a connection between the Nine Continents Mountain and Qing Shui's ordinary attacks. If it was used together with Qing Shui's strongest attack, then the power increment of several folds from the Paragon Strike would be able to insta-kill the Grand State Master. Even now, the Grand State Master was...

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