AST 1896 - I Know How To Use Poison Too

Chapter 1896 - I Know How To Use Poison Too

Grand State Master said with a smile when he saw the expression on Qing Shui’s face. However, his smile was extremely cold. At the same time, his aura was heightened to its peak, as if he would make his move once more should Qing Shui decided not to hand over those items to him.

Qing Shui didn’t even expect that the Grand State Master would actually develop such a thought in his head. Indeed, he had some decent items with him, but nothing that the other party could use. Unfortunately. Even if Qing Shui did not have the Paragon Strike, the Grand State Master wouldn’t be able to do anything to him, much less intimidate him.

“I have some items with me. But I don’t know if you have the capability to take them away from me.” Qing Shui said as his grip on his Golden Battle Halberd tightened.

“Alright, then I will let you try again!”

As soon as he was done talking, a circle of black demonic Qi rose up from his body and enveloped his surrounding, it was preventing anyone else from seeing...

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