AST 1894 - The Grand State Master Had Arrived

Chapter 1894 - The Grand State Master Had Arrived

“There’s always a solution to a problem. Perhaps this matter isn’t as tricky as you think.” Qing Shui smiled, his tone remained calming to the ears.

Without realizing it, they had already reached the doors to the manor. Despite the sky being dark now, the small manor was lit up quite brightly. There were Light Stones or something similar placed inside the room. Even though this place wasn't frequently cleaned up, it was still clean nevertheless. Besides, a woman of such strength like her would have everything she needed inside her Interspatial Silk Sachet.

“Brother Shui, it's late already. You should take an early rest!” The woman stopped at the doors to the small manor and said to Qing Shui with a smile.

Qing Shui nodded at her words and responded with a smile. Even though he had no thoughts of tainting her, the urge and desire of a man were still strong within him. Because of that, the best thing to do for the moment would be to evade her at the appropriate time. Otherwise, he would...

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