AST 1893 - No retreating route?

Chapter 1893 - No retreating route?

“Grand State Master? What evidence do you have? How strong is he compared to you?” Qing Shui asked the woman after a moment of thought.

Qing Shui saved the woman and hence, up to a certain extent, he could be considered to have offended the Grand State Master. Of course, this was if the Grand State Master was truly the one who inflicted the poison. Qing Shui would also not want to be remembered by a poison expert. Though he didn’t fear poison, the people around him was different. If a poison expert like him was to remember him, they would truly be in danger.

“The Grand State Master may seem to be a very righteous person, but I know that deep down, he is an evil person. When it comes to his strength, he is a lot more powerful than me before. Even the current me may not necessarily be a match against him. As to why he poisons me, I know that there was a time when he wanted me to be his woman but got rejected by me. I don’t know...

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