AST 1890 - Vulgar, narrow and shallow, curing the poisons

Chapter 1890 - Vulgar, narrow and shallow, curing the poisons

Speaking of walking the immoral path, there were actually many kinds to it. There was a joke in his previous incarnation, it was about a woman who insisted on dissecting her stomach to give birth to her child. She feared that once she successfully gave birth to her child, it would influence her life with her husband. At the moment when the child was born, the child’s grandpa already mentioned one thing, he said that the child wouldn’t walk a righteous path and that he would have a pathetic future.

There were also some other that didn’t walk on the right path. For example, the happy moment between men and women. Other than just an ordinary happy moment, there were also some that were related to the imperial harem. That was meant by not walking on the right path. These were all self-taught. Even if this woman didn’t know exactly what was going on, she could still feel that it was not...

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