AST 1889 - Five Poisons Immortal Palace, I am Gongma

Chapter 1889 - Five Poisons Immortal Palace, I am Gongma

The smell of seawater in the air wasn’t really that strong. On the contrary, it felt very refreshing.

The woman found herself a bit unable to see through the man in front of her. Since when had she shown him her sincerity? But before this, she also didn’t really feel like she was insincere… Hence, she was a bit lost. Nevertheless, if this man was willing to help her cure her poison, it would be quite a great thing if he truly succeeded.

She was a beauty unmatched in her generation. Naturally, she wouldn’t want to be one who suffered unhappy fates. Unfortunately, she no longer had the time to return to Heavenly Chess Immortal Palace. Throughout this time, she has been very conflicted. It would be great if she could find some ways to drag on the time. But all this time, it hadn’t been that lucky for her.

But now, she felt that the Goddess of Luck had once again stood beside her. Though...

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