AST 1885 - Combining the Nine Yang Dragon Soul, Wounding

Chapter 1885 - Combining the Nine Yang Dragon Soul, Wounding

And immediately scattered that white knight!

Qing Shui’s Nine Yang Dragon Soul was able to deal much more damage to Spirit attacks. The woman was definitely stronger than Qing Shui, especially on the attack strength. Otherwise she wouldn’t be able to beat him back consistently, even to the point where he would falter.

But on the defensive ability, the woman and Qing Shui was very different, but strength wins against variation. Qing Shui’s moves were actually very interesting, but he was being pressed back by the woman.

The woman was also very annoyed with him. Her attacks could push him back, but it couldn’t hurt him, so she tried with a Soul attack. This white knight was used to test Qing Shui,...

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