AST 1879 - Elder Jian Nu, Great Confucian Hands

Chapter 1879 - Elder Jian Nu, Great Confucian Hands

“Are you nervous?”

Qing Shui said gently while holding her tiny waist slowly from the back.

Tantai Lingyan was initially bending forward slightly. Hence, her beautiful fullness carved a subtle but absolutely gorgeous curve.

“What am I nervous for? Alright, I’m about to clean the dishes, wait for me outside,” Tantai Lingyan replied softly without turning back.

Qing Shui stopped going further and released his hand. He was uncertain how to feel. He was pleased that she did not resist or overreact, yet, he was also depressed for her subtle response. She was a thousand-year-old ice which was extremely difficult to melt.

Standing there, Qing Shui was spellbound and appeared...

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