AST 1877 - Tantai Lingyan, Glacier Divine Sword

Chapter 1877 - Tantai Lingyan, Glacier Divine Sword

Today, Tantai Lingyan was practicing alone in the backyard. She seemed to have run into a tough problem. She would from time to time, think about the matter while practicing at the same time. No one was there to interrupt her.

The snow-white Goddess Sword shone brightly when held by her jade-like hand that seemed just as pale. The contrast between her skin and the sword itself has managed to form quite a stunning scene. As she swayed the sword, People could see the combination of her strength and agility. This kind of beauty leaned more towards her gracefulness and smoothness.

Her figure was dancing gracefully within the small area. Everything around her seemed to have its own melody as they slowly followed and moved along Tantai Lingyan.

Unexpectedly, Qing Shui has also arrived in the backyard. He looked at Tantai Lingyan from far away, slowly observing the agile and graceful sword techniques. Her sword was like a part...

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