AST 1870 - The Cold and Lifeless Imperial Cuisine Hall

Chapter 1870 - The Cold and Lifeless Imperial Cuisine Hall

The voice which came through from the room sounded very arousing. It was even more pleasant to hear than the most beautiful music from his previous incarnation. Her seductive face was completely filled with faint blushes. She had a very reluctant expression and at the same time, she was also giving out extraordinary aura. 

Qing Shui had fallen head over heel for this body which was the most divine to be ever seen in this world. It was as if she was the work of gods itself. Though he had conquered this body many times, each and every time he indulged in it, he would go through a huge mental shock.

After going through such a rough time, the room eventually quieted down. Yiye Jiange lazily curled herself up within Qing Shui’s arm. She seemed very tired. On her lovely face was a faint satisfied expression. This had given Qing Shui the biggest pleasure...

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