AST 1869 - There’s an immortal palace? I’m longing for you

Chapter 1869 - There’s an immortal palace? I’m longing for you

Qing Shui’s figure appeared in front of Jin Dao as he grabbed both of his golden swords. At this moment, both of his slender arms were as if they were choking Jin Dao’s neck, causing him to be very shocked and not knowing what to say.

“I have said before that I won’t kill you.” Qing Shui showed a light smile as he let go of Jin Dao.

Jin Dao blankly stared at Qing Shui. He found it hard to accept the events that had just happened. To think that a man much younger than him could actually manage to catch his golden sword without much effort. If he had wanted to, he could have very easily killed him.

“You are very powerful. I really have no idea who exactly is capable of nurturing someone like you. Could it be someone from Immortal Palace?” By now, Jin Dao had already changed his tone of speaking. It no longer sounded as arrogant as before.

He was afraid of putting his sects and...

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