AST 1864 - I only want to hug you

Chapter 1864 - I only want to hug you

Sheng Jun didn’t respond to what Qing Shui said. Thus, Qing Shui also remained silent. As the two stood together, Sheng Jun looked into the distance while Qing Shui followed her along and did the same thing. Only from time to time, he would move his sight back onto her. Just like that, the place was taken over by a moment of silence.

“Thank you for helping me.” After quite a while, Sheng Jun turned around and said softly.

“We are friends. You don’t treat your friends so formally.

It was not the first time Sheng Jun thanked Qing Shui. It was out of her expectations that a matter which even she had difficulties solving, would take such a dramatic turn. It made her felt like she was in a dream.

“Even if we are friends, it’s still necessary for me to thank you. Other than repeating it over and over again, I also don’t know how I can repay...

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