AST 1861 - Who should I trust, a lost woman

Chapter 1861 - Who should I trust, a lost woman

The days of waiting passed very slowly and not really well-spent. Nevertheless, Qing Shui still maintained a very good attitude. As the saying went “He who mastered the most abilities laughed the loudest”. With enough strength, one wouldn’t lose his calm that easily. Everything would seem less important to them with the thought that they could solve everything.

At the moment, Qing Shui thought that even if the Heaven Star Immortal Sect was truly that powerful, his life also wouldn’t be in danger. Even if they truly wanted to deal with him, they would also need to weigh out the pros and cons first. There were times when aristocratic clans would do things very aggressively and some other times they would be helpless against a situation.

Due to this reason, Qing Shui could act so calm now. On that day, he has already demonstrated his strength. He was convinced that Liancheng Yang would explain carefully to his people. If they still insisted on fighting him, he wouldn’t mind toying around with them.


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